Why we do what we do

We are the easiest and most heartfelt way for soulpreneurs and lightworkers to do business online. We provide you with the technical, mental, and spiritual tools to build and grow a spiritually-based business. All inside a supportive community that holds the highest spiritual values. By helping you live from a place of purpose and abundance, we are expanding healing and consciousness into the World, creating a new reality for generations to come.

Our Vision

We envision a safe, virtual place for all spiritually-minded people to explore their spirituality, their intuition, creativity, and gifts through interaction with peers and mentors. As you advance in your discoveries, we want you to be able to follow your true calling and easily build a business, creating prosperity from your gifts. We want you to experience more flow in your life. We intend an ever-growing online spiritual community that supports its members and expand physically and energetically to create a better world through healing, love, abundance, and service.

We are spiritual people building a business on these spiritual principles:

  • Purpose

  • True abundance

  • Self-awareness

  • Compassion

  • Consistency

  • Discipline

  • Love

  • Service

  • Flow

  • Spiritual exploration

  • Community

  • Leadership

Meet the Flowation Team

We want you to grow as an individual, and find the community you’re soul is craving. So we show up every day and do our part to create a safe space for you to learn and connect with others.


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Podcast Manager

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Lead Copywriter

Manifesting Storyteller