Grow by helping others grow.
Become a Flowation Coach or Expert!

We're looking for extraordinary experts or coaches
to serve inside our community.

Interact and connect with potential clients

in a safe, ad-free space.


You can get qualified leads while making a difference by helping others.

If you're a spiritual person, who believes healing can change the world, we're looking for you!

We’re an all-in-one online platform for lightworkers, where they can easily sell their products, services and more online.  

We provide a marketplace on the front-end, and all of the software you need to sell your products, services, etc. on the back-end. 

We also provide the support of an online community of like-minded peers where our Lightworkers get all the support they need for both their entrepreneurial and spiritual journey.  

No more funnels, or complicated tech to do business online. Our lightworkers only need to focus on creating what they love and putting it out in the world.

Our Vision

We have a vision of a world where it’s easier for intuitives, healers, and coaches to make money and make a difference. Where they feel passionate about the work they do without needing to struggle.

You're the Change

We believe soulpreneurs are catalysts for the change the world needs right now. By empowering them and helping them share their unique gifts, we are creating a better world for future generations.

We Enable Flow

Imagine a life of ease and flow where you spend your time doing more of what you love and elevating the world’s consciousness. This is why we created Flowation.

Our Why

How much time will this require?

Most of our existing Coach/Experts spend about 2 hours a week answering questions. They have the option of picking a scheduled day/time that they answer questions in. 

Or they can choose to respond to each incoming question within 2 business days.

You have to select one of these methods when you are accepted. And we announce this at the top of the Community group you are assigned to.

How to become a Flowation Coach or Expert:

Read the sample Coach/Expert contract below.

This is not a paid position. But you do receive a FREE Lightpreneur membership as long as you serve as a Flowation Coach or Expert. And our team will include you in promotional events and emails to help you get more exposure throughout our platform.

Apply below if you're interested.

We only select ONE Coach or Expert with your topic. So you're the only one in the Community answering questions for our members in our designated Coaching section. Get qualified leads in less time then a discovery call.

Claim your FREE Lightpreneur membership

If you're selected, you get all the Flowation benefits of on our Lightpreneur plan so you can sell your services online. Stripe fees still apply. We recommend you include them in the cost of your product, service, etc.

We respect your time.

Each member gets up to 2 questions answered, and then they can be invited to book a session with you. It's a great chance to offer your services to those who are already engaged!

Flowation is designed for all spiritually-minded entrepreneurs who want to spend less time managing their business and doing online marketing,
and more time doing what they love.

Join our mission to help them thrive.

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