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We’re enrolling beta testers for a limited time period. You’ll be asked to test out all of our new features first & provide feedback through 6 opportunities/surveys. The first 4 are below. You’ll receive the last 2 through email.

We want you to stay motivated through the process, so we’ve created a perk-pack you’ll fall in love with! When you participate in our first opportunity you’ll get an exclusive invitation to sign up for any of our paid plans and to participate in our other three beta group opportunities to get pricing and perks we’re not offering anyone else.

You’ll also keep the price your signed up at for as long as you’re a member. Even when we go to full price in the Fall.

Follow each of the steps below as you explore and use our system.

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[OFFER ENDS July 31st, 2021]

We’re almost ready to go live with our ads campaign! But before we do, we’d love to get some insights and intuitive hits from you. A fresh look always helps! 

Follow the steps below to participate in our ads focus group. 

  1. Open the form below. 

  2. Watch the video playlist and fill out the form with your opinion for each ad. Feel free to pause between videos as you give us your feedback. 

  3. Submit your form by July 31st. In about an hour you’ll receive your invitation, a coupon for your FREE MONTH, and 2 extra invites. 

  4. Pick any paid subscription plan you want, and use your special coupon when signing up. No credit card required!

  5. Your special coupon code expires in 3 days – make sure to sign up before you miss the offer! 

Ready? Let's flow and grow!

The more you help, the more you win! By completing these steps, you automatically qualify to participate in all of our other beta group offers! Become a Lightworker affiliate to earn referral commissions, get special perks, and earn coupon codes from our store.

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[OFFER ENDS August 2nd, 2021]

By completing these steps, you can get in the Hot Seat during any of our CEO, Simran Bhatia’s Revenue Map hot seat events. 

She’ll coach you on how to tweak one of the products, services, events, etc. that you’ve listed in your form so it can generate more revenue for your business.

  1. Bookmark this page. You’ll need to come back later to submit your form, so you can secure your Hot Seat spot!
  2. Set up your Soulpreneur or Business listing! Setting up your listing will allow your clients to easily find you. Simply fill out the ‘Add a Soulpreneur’ form in your dashboard with the information required. Or take advantage of our Listing Set-up services. (Free until July 31st!)
  3. Create and contribute! Add products/services/etc. to your store, or create an Event listing of your own by August 2nd, 2021.  The minimum required is three pieces of content. You can do a combination of products/services, or listings. Whatever your soul inspires you to create, or whatever you have created before and are ready to share! [You can find links to submit all of this content in your My Account Dashboard under My Listings and Storefront.]
  4. Sign up for your Hot Seat spot. Once we receive your form our team will confirm your Hot Seat spot within 5 business days. You’ll get an email to submit your Hot Seat questions for any of the Revenue Map events taking place in June or July!  You can still register for any of the Hot Seat events in the meantime.

Time left to submit your form:

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and get in the Hot Seat!

Keep flowing! Show us your good work and secure your spot in the Hot Seat! Provide proof of your listing and your three pieces of content or products.

Need help setting up your listing?

No worries! Check out our handy pdf guides at the link below.

Or if you're on our Lightpreneur or Flowpreneur plans we can set it up for you! 

We'll build your profile, store, and more. Just set aside 90 minutes to work with one of our team members. 

This service is usually done for an additional cost, but we want you to start flowing now!

Use the coupon code "visibility" before July 6th, and we'll do it for FREE! 


Let's spread the word on abundance! The louder, the better!

Spread the word about Flowation Marketplace and make money by helping others grow their business.

Apply for the Golden Lightworker Affiliate Plan!

As a Gold Affiliate you get an unlimited amount of invites through your referral links. And an unlimited amount of chances to earn commission!

[OFFER ENDS August 5th, 2021]

Do what you do best: share amazing content! 

Share our message any way you like: 

– Post a blog article about our work, or share one of our pre-written blog posts.

– Post an ad in your podcast. You can create one, or use our podcast ad script.

– Post on your social media. Create your own, or share one of our social media posts.

– Post in a spiritual-minded group you are part of (if it’s allowed)

– Or you can do all of them 🙂 

Follow the steps below to qualify for our top-tier Affiliate rates: 

  1. Bookmark this page. You’ll need to come back later to submit your form so we can get your gifts. 

  2. Log in and go to ‘My Account Dashboard’

  3. Hover over ‘My Listings and Storefront’

  4. Click on “My Affiliate Center” and apply to become an Affiliate.

  5. Once you are approved, set up your Affiliate link.

  6. Download any Creatives you want to use.

  7. Promote Flowation to your audience. For a limited time you only have to post once to get fast-tracked from Jade status to Gold Affiliate status!

  8. Come back and fill out this form, by August 5th and tell us where you shared. The sooner you share, the sooner you start collecting commissions!

  9. We’ll verify your link, and then upgrade you to Gold Affiliate status!

Thank you for believing in our work!

You'll qualify for our top-tier Gold level Lightworker Affiliate status and commissions. You'll get paid one month's rate from all your referrals no matter which plan they sign up to. This means you can get from $55 to $99 per referral during our second beta testing group.

As a way to appreciate your support and commitment, these rates will upgrade when we go full-price, meaning you can get up to $444 per referral! Good things go fast! So make sure you submit the form with your content by August 5th, 2021, to qualify for our program and expand your prosperity right away!

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and secure your Gold level Affiliate status!

Want free advertising for your listing, product, service or event?

If you like what we do, tell the world! We'll also tell them about you!
Get one free month of advertising for your product, service or event by providing a testimonial video.
[OFFER ENDS August 8th, 2021]

We’d love people to  know about your experience as a Flowation Soulpreneur! 

Create a testimonial video following the steps below and attract even more of the right clients to your listing. 

Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Bookmark this page. You’ll need to come back later to submit your form by August 8th, so you can get your free ad bonus!
  2. Set everything up. Make sure to use a quality camera for your video (most phones and computers have one). Record yourself in a space with enough lighting to clearly see your face and surroundings. Have fun with it! 
  3. Create your authentic video. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to be you. Tell us in less than one minute your experience with Flowation Marketplace. Specific examples really help, so use any of these questions as guidelines: 

Which Flowation feature do you love the most?   Maybe it’s being able to sell and have your marketing done for you in the same spot? Or support from the Coaches in our Community? Share what you appreciate the most?

Did you use our set-up services?   Or did you find setting up your listings and products really easy?Let us know what you think!

Have you had a good experience in our community forum?   Or made an amazing connection at one of our networking events? Share your story!

How has Flowation changed your life and your business?   Do you have more time in your schedule? Maybe you feel less stressed out? Tell us the impact we’ve had for you.

Why would you recommend Flowation to a friend?   Pretending that you’re letting your friend in on a great secret is a great tone of voice to use in your video!

Why should spiritual entrepreneurs use Flowation? You’re our favorite type of person, so tell us how we’ve made you feel at home here. Are you more comfortable running your business from a spiritual perspective?

      4. Submit your video. Upload your video in a file-sharing service like Google Docs. Fill out the form below with your name, a link to your listing, and a link to your video.

We’re working our way into instantly manifesting things, but until that happens, it may take us up to five business days to review and approve your testimonial video. Once it’s approved, you’ll get a link for your ad set-up appointment. Time to get seen! 

Lights, camera, action!

Please only submit a testimonial if you are comfortable with us using it on our site, or in our marketing and advertising materials.

Please note all ads will run to the product, service, event, or listing of your choosing to help increase your sales here on Flowation.

These ads do not run to your website.

Time left to submit your form:

This offer is closed. Please keep an eye out in the Community forum for information about our the next opportunity!

and get your FREE month of ads on us!