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Features: Heart Light Flow

Promotion & Networking Tools:

Your Business page. Unlimited other listing pages.
Host your private online group in our community.
Free Business Coaching.
Exclusive members' networking events.
Promotion for your content. You can promote your blog, videos, and podcast episodes.

Online store & software services:

Online store for digital and physical products. Transaction fee 2.9% + 30¢ (USD) on each sale. You just need a free Stripe account.
Automated email sequences to nurture your customers and get repeated sales!
Sell physical products.
Sell digital products like ebooks, classes, videos, audio; or membership/supscriptions. Hosting is included.
Sell service appointments, like one-on-one sessions or classes. Calendar service is included.
Robust analytics for your page and store.

Done-for-you marketing services:

Get smart SEO and keyword consultation for your store every quarter to increase your visibility.
Get three ad campaigns for an evergreen product, service, event or location of your choice.
Be a featured guest in Flowation hosted events.
Be a guest in The Soulpreneur Lifestyle Podcast.
Get one of your products in the Flowation Store Featured Section.
Promote your product or service in our clients newsletter.
Get your content featured in our Flow Lab Online Magazine.


Always free
  • Participate in our Community Forum.
  • Attend monthly SiF events & meet like-minded people!
  • Save all of your Downloads, Virtual Classes, Bookmarks & Order Information


$11 / month
  • Best if you need coaching and networking to expand your business reach.
  • Set up your Business listing, and any other listings you want, and get an ad-free environment to host your private online group.


$222 / month
  • Best if you have something to sell.
  • Pay 2.9% + 30¢ for each sale. No hidden fees!
  • Use our software. Host your digital products, courses and digital memberships. Sell your service appointments using our calendar service.


$444 / month
  • Best if you're ready to become more visible to expand your business.
  • Work with our marketing team to get more traffic to your store with ads, SEO and content promotion opportunities (see our comparison chart below).

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We created the Soulpreneur Marketplace to empower soulpreneurs to share their gifts with the world, in a much easier way than we saw them doing.

So as lightworkers they could positively impact future generations of the world.

So when you sign up for The Soulpreneneur Marketplace – We take your success personally. 

It can take a little time to see results from the Marketplace. But we understand that there are a variety of reasons why this may not be a good fit for you. You can request a refund below.


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