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Ep. 35 [Interview] The WHY of Procrastination

Published on December 15, 2019


About this episode:

Today's guest, Dr. Christine Li, is a clinical psychologist in New York City and Westchester, New York; and is known as the "Procrastination Coach." We discuss the emotional causes behind procrastination and how to recognize them. And she goes in-depth into the system she developed for resolving the problem of procrastination which she calls the S.M.A.C.K. Solution -- Simplicity, Mindfulness, Anxiety Reduction, Communication, and Kindness to Self.

About Christine:

Dr. Christine Li knows the true secrets for how to live life procrastination-free — and she’s ready to share them with you. She escaped the tight grip of procrastination, and as a result, feels compelled to share the steps she took to bring calm and happiness into her life again. She uses her experience as a clinical psychologist and former hard-core procrastinator to identify the factors that cause her clients to avoid the work they need to do. Once her clients understand the reasons they’ve been stuck, Dr. Li helps them let go of what has been in their way so they can start working with much greater clarity, ease, and success.

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About Simran:

She is the founder of, where spiritual-minded entrepreneurs can find resources to learn how to create more Flow in their lives and businesses.

She’s been obsessed with the question ‘how can I make this feel easier?’ since she can remember. As former Estate Planning and Succession Planning attorney for small businesses she really learned what makes small business owners function at their best. She’s taken that knowledge forward as a small business strategy coach for spiritual-minded small business owners and helps them bust through their limiting beliefs and upper limits, and create systems in their lives and business to help support their more aligned self. These systems help them become more efficient with their time and priorities; and help them feel lit up as they work with greater purpose and allow more Flow in their lives.

Simran specializes especially in helping parents with children under the age of 5, who want the space in their life to practice Conscious Parenting, but are struggling to fit everything they want to do with their business and children into their schedule.

In her time away from work Simran spends her time dancing or attempting to do yoga, while her two spirited kids are normally climbing on her. And she loves taking hot baths and engaging in self-care while listening to binaural beats music, while her wonderful hubby takes the kids out for an ‘adventure day.’

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