Five Really Cool Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Owning a pet has a huge impact on health and well-being. Find out why.


5 Reasons to Adopt A Pet


If you are a pet owner, then you already know how much benefit there is to being a pet owner. They add real joy, companionship, and unconditional love to name just a few!


For those of you wondering if bringing another family member into the house is really a good idea, here are 5 really good reasons! Pets can…


Reduce Stress – for you and your children

Especially in this post-pandemic world, stress is through the roof! According to the World Health Organization, over 80% of adults surveyed are feeling significant stress after the 2-year pandemic anniversary. The statistics for children and teens are even more alarming. Your pet has an innate ability to reduce stress. Adding a pet to your family can decrease the tension, arguments, anger, frustration, and more that come with increased stress. Studies also show that pets can lower our blood pressure and heart rate, and ease depression and loneliness.


Keep You Active

Not only are pets good at helping us manage our stress levels, but they also encourage us to be active and playful, and even improve our cardiovascular health.  Some pets, like exuberant energy-filled puppies, force us to get up and be active. We can’t be a couch potato if Fido’s wagging tail is telling us to get up and get that leash! They give you a reason to get outside, get some fresh air which is proven to improve your mood, your sleep, and your mental health.


Keep You Young

Pets can be especially helpful for older folks. Studies have shown that people who have pets tend to live longer than those who don’t. In a healthy aging survey, adults over fifty reported several benefits including these top three benefits:

·       They felt a deeper sense of purpose

·       They felt calmer and more peaceful

·       They experienced more social connection


Give Unconditional Love (and who doesn’t need that in this crazy world of 2022?!)

The emotional bond that we form with our pets is second-to-none. Some people form stronger bonds with their pets than they do with other humans. Dogs and humans who interact with each other get a jolt of oxytocin – the Love Hormone. Think about how your “best friend” reacts when you come home from work, even after a hard day that has left you grumpy. They are always happy to see us! Everyone needs that emotional connection.  Pets love us unconditionally, and they never judge us. Pets also get the benefit of living in a loving environment for which, they return that love in abundance.


Make You Laugh!

I’ve heard it said that laughter is the best medicine. Did you know that smiling can boost your mood and happiness level? It sure does – even if it’s forced! Those crazy cat antics that abound on YouTube don’t let us down! A kitten’s and puppy’s playfulness are usually good for a laugh or two as well.  I have a pet I call “Digger Dude.” He might be a shrimp; I’m not sure. But he is SO much fun to watch! This creature is always recreating the landscape of my aquarium and to watch it scurry back and forth moving mounds of pebbles and even pushing snails out of the way brings a smile to my face and makes me chuckle.


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