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Life is Bittersweet

In this episode Kim and Tia share different life experiences where they have felt bittersweet. Having that bittersweet feeling can show up in a multitude

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Just Hit the Easy Button

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with life and other people that you just want to “hit the easy button” and have everything be easy. 

It Takes Two to Tango

Taking personal responsibility in relationships is so hard. Most of the time we just want to blame the other and point out what the other

The “Motherhood” Mask

Wow!!! In this episode Kim and Tia really take off their masks and show how they overparented in the past and lost their identities as

On Healing

Let It ALL Go

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Get in the Game

Are you ready to laugh? This was such a fun and yet, important conversation that Tia and Kim had with Megan. Megan is trying to

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