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Explore services that can help you get the results you want from your Flowation store.

Need more traffic?

Send Ad traffic to your products

Work with Flowation's Marketing Manager and Lead Copywriter.

Feel resistance?

Check in with your Akashic Records.

Clear old patterns that are impacting your present.

Meditation with bonus body scan.

Clear out the stress that is distracting you from focusing on your business.

Writing a book or e-book to establish your expertise?

Does your writing sound stilted?

Find your own voice, so you can write in a way that helps you deliver your unique message!

Already have a first draft?

Editing services can make sure you put the best version of your book out there, so it makes an impact.

Experiencing money blocks?

Not getting the results you expect?

Explore what is out of alignment for you, so you can allow the results you want.

Need help creating marketing materials?

Get camera ready

Learn how to get comfortable on camera and film videos to promote your brand!

Cut and snip!

Did you film a great video, but need help editing it for your landing pages?

Eye catching designs

Need a new logo? Or graphics for your landing pages?

Share your voice

Podcasting involves a lot of steps. Find a podcast editor, manager or marketer.

Ready to delegate?

Group Manager

Hire someone to manage your Flowation group, and to boost engagement.

Hire a VA

Find someone skilled in the tasks you want to delegate. And work in your Zone of Genius instead!

Hire Staff

Need someone to help you fulfill and ship out your orders? Create a local Job post.

Working on business culture?

Make your team feel valued.

Diviersity and inclusivity practices can help create a welcoming work environment.

Is your personal life feeling overwhelming?

Trouble communicating with your family?

Learning how to have a conscious conversation with your kids can help!

Parenting through a divorce?

Learn how to help yourself and your kids get through this unique experience.

Grieving the loss of a loved one?

Losing someone can impact your motivation. Learn how to navigate your grief in a healthy way.
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