Get in the Game with Guest Megan Bendtzen

Are you ready to laugh? This was such a fun and yet, important conversation that Tia and Kim had with Megan. Megan is trying to bring more fun, play and laughter into the world but in particular to the workplace. After working for years in “Corporate America,”  she knew that she had a purpose in life and that she had to take that chance and jump off the proverbial cliff in order to be who she authentically is and to align with her true self. She was tired of wearing the “imposter mask” and decided that the world needed her talent of bringing laughter and fun to the workplace by helping to plan and implement fun meetings as an example. Megan has such an infectious energy that you can not help but to be drawn into her.

“Celebrate your victories… and also celebrate your stumbles, because if you are learning and growing, those are your biggest victories of all. As long as we are learning, we are winning. There is no such thing as failure unless we fail to keep going.” ~ Megan Bendtzen

Three takeaways:

1. What steps did Megan take to decide to leave her corporate career? ~ 14 minutes

2. What joke did Megan tell about the mushroom? ~ 20 minutes

3. What was Megan’s message about making mistakes? ~ 30 minutes

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About Megan

Megan Bendtzen is a Speaker, Motivator and Event/Game Host, known for her signature Leadership Development Game Shows.  She has made it her mission to infuse fun back into the corporate mindset so employees are more engaged, energized and happier.

Megan has studied Leadership, Communication, Engagement, Personal Growth and Relationships for over 18 years.  She has worked with thousands of people and delivered hundreds of impactful seminars on these and related topics to companies such as Merck, Marriott, Best Western, VCA Hospitals and others. She is the author of an e-book called “Let’s Get Serious About Having Fun” and has been featured on The List TV Show, NBC, Fox 26 Houston, iHeart Radio, The Unstoppable Female Entrepreneur Summit and many other media outlets and podcasts sharing her out-of-the-box ideas and fun tips.

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