Intentional Living with Dara Kurtz

This conversation with guest speaker Dara Kurtz covered many topics including how to cultivate healthy relationships, dealing with grief and loss, as well as surviving cancer.  Dara was very vulnerable and shared the pain that she went through when she lost her mom at the age of 29 and then later shared the pain that she and her daughters endured when she got cancer at the age of 42.  It was obviously a challenging time for her and her family and she was able to take this experience and turn her life around. She began writing books and created her blog and has become an inspiration to many. She also shared how she cultivated a beautiful relationship with her two daughters. If you want to be inspired this episode will surely do that.

“Listen to your heart. Listen to that pull you might feel inside yourself, and be willing to go down a new path. You never know what you’ll discover or find.” ~Dara Kurtz

Three takeaways:

1. What was your process for grieving the loss of her mom? ~ 9 minutes

2. How did Dara support herself and her girls through cancer? ~14 minutes

3. How do we have healthy and good relationships? ~ 17 minutes

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About Dara:

Dara Kurtz, after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of forty-two, left her twenty-year career as a financial advisor to focus on writing, speaking, and podcasting. Today her personal blog, Crazy Perfect Life (, reaches over 200,000 followers. Dara is the author of several books, her most recent being: I am My Mother’s Daughter: Wisdom on Life, Loss, and Love. Dara’s goal is to use her life experiences to help people strengthen their relationships and create more happiness and joy in their everyday lives.

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Episode 124

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