Want to get in the That One Thing Hot Seat online group ahead of time?

Just follow these 4 easy steps.

And start asking your questions!

Step 1

If you already have a free Flowation account, then please move on to Step 3.

If not, click on Community Forum at the top of this page.

Step 2

Click Join Now, and pick a registration method. 

You’ll automatically create a Community account at the same time that allows you to access the group.

Make sure you use the same email address you bought your ticket with!

Step 3

Login to your Account, and click on Get Free Coaching to enter the Community.

Step 4

Once you’re inside the Community click on the button below and request access to the group. 

We’ll add you after confirming that you have a Hot Seat participation or Hot Seat Networking ticket. This can take up to 2 business days.

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