Are you a Lightworker?

The easiest way for lightworkers to do business online!

Most online marketing gurus promise you the secret sauce to get more clients.

What they don’t tell you is the amount of time & energy building, implementing & maintaining these systems take.

With Flowation you get all of these systems in one place. Without any complicated setup, or maintenance. 

So you can focus on the parts of your business that you love doing instead.

Our zone of genius is allowing you to live in yours.

Our 4 Pillar System

to save you time, money and energy in your business.

The Soulpreneur Marketplace

"Set and forget" selling.

  • Set up your physical and digital products, services, classes, and event tickets once.

  • Our set-up forms take around 15 minutes to fill out for anything you want to sell. 

  • We send out order information, appointment confirmations, and nurture the people who bought from you to buy again.

Flowation Software

Manage appointments, sales, and courses with flow.

  • Use our Revenue Flow Class to learn how to create the revenue you want within the hours you have to work. And track your revenue with our robust metrics. 

  • Collect information from your customers before deciding to work with them.

  • Sync your appointment calendar to your Gcal – never miss an appointment.

  • We host your course and digital content.

Flowation Community and Coaching

Quickly solve the problems impacting your business.

  • Get FREE coaching and become part of a safe ad-free community of people who share your spiritual mindset.

  • Join our exclusive Business Group and get the guidance you need to grow and flow!

  • Create your own private group for your students or customers.

The Flow Lab.*

Be seen by your soul clients.

  • Easily share your blog, podcast, or video content. We link everything you share to your Store, so your offers are put in front of the right people.

  • Position yourself as an expert in your field. And boost your chances of being found online. We do the SEO work, you get the attention.

  •  *This feature releases February 2022.

How Much Time, Money and Energy Can I Save?

That depends on what your current setup is for your business. 

But we can help you estimate those numbers depending upon which type of Soulpreneur you are.

You have an ecommerce store and sales funnels in place

Sick of doing so many steps before you can help your customers?

Imagine just working in your Zone of genius each day… without all the upkeep!

Soulpreneurs who signed up for the Flowpreneur plan save 20 hours a week and $400 a month on average.

*We’ll even migrate ALL of your content for you!

You try to find customers on social media

Is social media draining your energy? Do you cringe before discovery calls?

Imagine getting leads that are already likely to buy from you and respect your time.

Soulpreneurs who signed up for the Lightpreneur plan save 12 hours a week and $43 a month on average.

Use our Revenue Flow class to learn how to turn your free social media content into paid offers. 

You're just getting started selling online

Does selling online seem confusing and complicated

Use our Business Resources and free Coaching to grow your business with less stress from the beginning.

Soulpreneurs who signed up for the Heartpreneur plan save 5 hours a week while initially setting up their business. 

And create revenue faster than the average startup.

Create the revenue you want, while staying mostly in your Zone of Genius.

Ready to do business in a new way?

Start your 14 Day FREE Trial now

and discover the way to sell online with ease and flow!


$11 / month
  • Best if you need coaching & networking to grow your business.
  • Unlimited landing pages-just fill in a form. No designing needed!
  • An ad-free environment to host your private online group.


$222 $99 / month
  • You can sell physical products. Host your digital products, courses and digital memberships. Sell your service appointments using our calendar service.
  • Pay 2.9% + 30¢ for each sale. (You need a free Stripe account to receive payment).


$444 / month
  • Best if you're ready to become more visible to expand your business.
  • Work with our marketing team to get more traffic to your store with ads, SEO and content promotion opportunities (see our comparison chart below).

For a limited time signup at a discounted price. Keep the price as long as you stay.

Your discount will be automatically applied if you sign up before your trial is over. 

Compare Our Plans

Features: Heart Light Flow

Promotion & Networking Tools:

Unlimited landing pages.
Host your private online group in our community.
Free Business Coaching.
Exclusive members' networking events.
Promotion for your content. You can promote your blog, videos, and podcast episodes.

Online store & software services:

Online store for digital and physical products. Transaction fee 2.9% + 30¢ (USD) on each sale. You just need a free Stripe account.
Automated email sequences to nurture your customers and get repeated sales!
Sell physical products.
Sell digital products like ebooks, classes, videos, audio; or membership/supscriptions. Hosting is included.
Sell service appointments, like one-on-one sessions or classes. Calendar service is included.
Robust analytics for your page and store.

Done-for-you marketing services:

Get smart SEO and keyword consultation for your store every quarter to increase your visibility.
Get three ad campaigns for an evergreen product, service, event or location of your choice.
Be a featured guest in Flowation hosted events.
Be a guest in The Soulpreneur Lifestyle Podcast.
Get three of your products in the Flowation Store Featured Section.
Promote your product or service in our clients newsletter.
Get your content featured in our Flow Lab Online Magazine.

Two percent of all our revenue goes to developing and funding our Healing for Little Hands program. A community of healers providing energy healing and support to, kids experiencing life-threatening and critical illnesses, and their families.

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Writing Voice Coach & Book Editor

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Authenticity and Parenting Coach

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