Pain Is Your Power, If You Allow It with Dinuka Ranasinghe

Robin Arzon, a popular Peloton instructor, often states that pain is your power. This can be true and pain can be a powerful portal to healing and growth if you let it. However, the key is learning to become aware that your pain is an opportunity for you to learn and grow. Many people allow themselves to remain in the victim role and thus get swallowed up by their pain. Let it be said that it is not an easy process to heal and transform pain or to even have the mindset that your pain is your power. It takes time and work to heal from past pain and to even feel your feelings. We are taught to suppress our pain and feelings. So, to cultivate this new way of being can be a challenge, but it is so worth it in the end. To hear Kim, Tia and Dinuka share their stories of how pain became power in their lives, listen in.

“Don’t be afraid to shed your skin. Your next iteration gloriously awaits.” ~ Dr.  Shefali

Three takeaways:

What is the emotion code? ~3 minutes
What was the epiphany that Dinuka had that led to her wake up call? ~15 minutes
Where does Dinuka begin when she works with clients? ~29 minutes

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About Dinuka:

Dinuka is first and foremost the mother of 2 amazing boys ages 11 and 9.  They have been her true teachers on this path of Conscious Parenting.

Having been admitted to the New York Bar in 2008 as an attorney she decided to follow her calling to work with children.  She jumped right in and bought a Preschool, Kid Works Children’s Center. In search of more wisdom, she completed and graduated from the Conscious Coaching Institute of Dr. Shefali Tsabary and received her Conscious Parenting Method Certification in 2019, prior to which she certified in the Emotion Code Energy Healing Modality by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

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