Providing Possibility in Rethinking Schools with Guest Robert Astwood

Robert Astwood, our guest on this episode, has an amazing and infectious, inspiring energy. Robert has such a vision for rethinking the way we school our youth and we have no doubt that his ideas and vision for changing the system will have a positive impact in the world. He is an advocate for cultivating the whole child and for providing the student with a voice in his/her education. Rather than just depositing information into the minds of these young students, he believes that the students participate in what he terms “engage education.” This is when the individual learns to use every opportunity as an opportunity to grow and learns to use “setbacks as stepping stones.” You truly want to listen to this one.

“Youth should be a period of discovery, wonder, excitement. It should be filled with learning through experiences and cultivating the various parts of the human person, not just their technical, math, or linguistic minds, but their kinesthetic, emotional, and intrapersonal minds as well.” ~ Robert Astwood

Three takeaways:

1. What is the banking model of education? ~ 6 minutes

2. What is the difference between schooling and education? ~ 12 minutes

3.  What is Robert’s vision and mission for changing the education paradigm?~ 35 minutes

Robert is offering a 25% discount on his book, The Essence of Education, use the offer code “EOE”.

About Robert

Hailing from the Bronx, NY, Robert Astwood is a staunch advocate for systemic school change and education reform. His life mission is to uproot the U.S. neoliberal school system and rebuild it on altruism, interdependence, and the whole-person approach to education. He currently works at Elevate Education as a life coach and he is actively seeking to impact the lives of the youth every day. Robert also hosts a podcast on school change and is a content creator on Instagram providing life education tips.

Connect with Robert:


Instagram: aster_education

Twitter: aster_education

Podcast: The Aster Education Podcast

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