What if you could follow your passion AND make as much money as you want?

Let’s reimagine your business – together.

The Revenue Flow Map class will teach you a step-by-step,

8 part process to create the amount of income you want in the hours you want to work!

When we created Flowation we set out to embody certain spiritual principles – even in the way we worked.

If this describes you, then you're in the right spot.

You're a Spiritual Entrepreneur

You know you will make an impact on the world. You feel it in your bones. In your intuition. You are meant to live at your fullest and help others do so as well – you know it’s in your destiny.

And you feel like you’re on the brink of a big shift in your energy. You’re ready to start or grow your business. 

That’s where this course come in. To show you the impact of truly running your business from a place of practical knowledge and spiritual wisdom. And help you achieve clarity that will change your life forever.

The First Step to Doing Things Differently

Doing the Math With Reality in Mind

The Revenue Flow Map class is designed to help you figure out how to work only the hours you want, and still take home the amount of income you desire.

We’ll create a step-by-step customized plan of how to get from where you currently are, to your dream business. Both the practical steps and what energetic shifts you need to open yourself up to.

How Much Are You Willing to Receive?

We take a look at how much income you want to take home each year.

And how much revenue will your business need to create to support that? 

We use energetic exercises to make sure you’re feeling aligned with the amount of abundance you want to create, and all the other decisions you’ve made in the process.

Making Time for Your Well Being First

If you’re here. It’s likely you’re an empath. And doing business the way society tells you it should be done feels like a struggle. We have good news for you. There’s a better way to run your business – and you can experience relief right away.

We ask you to think about how you actually want to run your business and how much time you want to spend working. All Revenue Maps take into account possible sick days, Flow days, and other times of year you might not want to work.

What's your Zone of Genius?

We borrow this term from the book, “The Big Leap,” in which author, Gay Hendricks, describes that sweet spot between your passion, expertise, and ability to focus.

We help you identify this sweet spot and help tweak your existing offers, and create new ones, so you build a business where you spend most of your time working in your Zone of Genius. And those offers support your ability to create the revenue you want in the time you want to work.


What's included in the Course?

  • The 157 page Large Print Edition of the Revenue Flow Map Guidebook. It explains the 8 step RFM process to create your custom business plan. It includes 10 energetic thought exercises, 10 planning worksheets, 5 ready to fill market research templates, 2 quick business decision matrices, the Free vs. Paid Offers Guide, the 4 Elements of a Successful Offer Guide, and more practical resources to help you get started.
  • 8 different Calculators to help you quickly find out the variables that impact your Offer – what to charge, how many spots you can offer, how quickly you can make your membership profitable, the amount of Revenue your business needs to sustain your dream lifestyle. And your Revenue Flow Dashboard to keep you on track all year long.
  • 15 Support videos to help you better understand concepts introduced in the Guidebook. Each is less than 3 minutes long, to give you a quick resource.
  • A bonus 10 minute long Binaural beats track to help you with your abundance, visibility or time blocks that may come up while learning the concepts in this class.

About Your Spiritual Small Business Mentor

Simran Bhatia has been an entrepreneur in the publishing, e-commerce and marketing industries since 2003, and has been actively working with healers of all modalities since then. She is a former attorney who specialized in small business, succession planning and estate planning in her law practice. And an Amazon best selling author. 

Simran has a unique blend of spiritual practice and depth of business experience, so she knows what it takes to support spiritual-minded small business owners who are looking to grow their business to the next level. 

Marketing Based on The Law of Attraction

If you’re ready to move beyond the class then we help you set up those offers on the Flowation Marketplace.

How visible are you ready to be? You pick your plan level based on where you are energetically, and how visible you’re ready to be yet. It’s always easy to uplevel when you’re ready.

The best part is our system makes it easy to send a clear & consistent signal to the Universe (you’re ready for more abundance!), while detaching from the outcome since you don’t have to manage it every day. We all know this formula is manifesting gold.

And marketing-wise it’s a pretty efficient solution too!

Instead of hustling to get your message out there and keeping your fingers crossed that someone stops their distracted scrolling for long enough to see your offer… You’re placing it in front of people who are actively looking for what you offer and are in the mindset to buy.

Revenue Flow Map Class


What if you could follow your passion AND make as much money as you want?

The Revenue Flow class will teach you a step-by-step, easy-to-follow 8 part process to do just that! (See everything included below)