Intentional Living Guide & Class

What is the point of time management when you don't know what you really want to spend your time on? How to figure out what will really excite you?  And once you figure it out, how do you keep yourself focused on it ALL YEAR LONG?


Our Intentional Living Guide & Class Will Help You

This course includes a Guidebook and 11 accompanying videos to help you walk through and create an Intentional Living plan for your life.

You’ll Learn how to:

  • revisit the past and identify what you liked and disliked about how you spent your time in the past year
  • easily learn how to identify what is actually important to you this year, and how you want to be spending your time.
  • create an easy plan for how to follow through on your intentions, and keep track of your progress in a way that feels good and sustainable for the entire year!


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Intentional Living Guide & Class

Who are You?
You are a Beauty Minimalist. What does that mean? You are a woman that understands that even though society seems to push perfection on you and the pressure to look like you have it all figured out, and that every part of your life is up to a certain standard… and your life looks ‘pretty’ from the outside… that real perfection is being at peace with your body, mind, heart and soul. And that you strive to live each day, each moment with intention. And that real beauty comes from living your life on your own terms. Filling your time with the things that light you up. Not from putting on a show for the world or social media. And you are committed to learning more about how to live your life intentionally and looking for a support system, a group of women who can feel like home that cheer you on as you grow and transform your life.

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