1st. ESSENCE of YOU Akash Session

This is the Foundational Akash Session, like your SOUL Point of Reference; the ESSENCE of You.
1st we infuse you with the knowledge of YOU; like a Soul Spa.  We clear all those Veils of un-Truths that are sabotaging you and provide a Game-plan for traction =  Magnificent YOU.   {*2 x 60ish+ minute recordings within Zoom session; 2-3 hour window, with breaks.}  A vibrational transformation; prepare for a nap afterwards.


Our 1st. ESSENCE of YOU Akash Session Will Help You

THIS is the most important session you will do with me, in the Akash.  EVERYTHING is based on WHO you are @ Soul Level.  YOU will recognize all these aspects of yourself, with a big bodily sigh of relief.  EVERYTHING you DO stems from this information.  Therefore, we do this session first.  IF you are new to the Akash, start here.  {see Full AKASH description below.}
This session starts with infusing you with the knowledge of YOU; energetic makeup, traits, origins, life lesson & purpose, what works/what doesn’t + red flags for course correction, to alignment.
We then identify and clear all current Negative Karmic Patterns, that are keeping you from experiencing your True nature; these feel like sabotage.  Frustrating you into overwhelm, no matter how hard you try your projects don’t work out.  These are cycles of BS running so deep, that
it feels like it’s a part of WHO you are, that this is what Life is like for you.  Please know, we can change this, in the Akash.
We also provide you with a Game-Plan; a direction and steps to experiment with, so you can really get a good feel for how Magnificent you are.  You will be able to feel the difference, and thus see different results.

My Akashic Readings require strict protocol & extensive pre-work, to prepare your DEEP DIVE Vibrationally Transformative experience,
with highest Integrity, Truth & Clarity, for your highest Good.  (See pre & post session Requirements below.) 
ENERGETIC HYGIENE  I will NEVER enter into your energy field. Period. (No one should; it is not necessary.) 
ENERGETIC INTEGRITY  I retrieve information from your Akashic or Soul Record ONLY WITH your conscious permission & Soul Protocol.  My Akashic Records Clarity Readings, are a direct access to your Soul’s wisdom.  I will NEVER access your Records without prior permission & protocol, nor should any other.  Your Soul has the final say, as to whether or not we proceed to work together, whether it is indeed for your highest good.  I will never deviate from this protocol, to ensure our work is of the highest integrity, for your Highest Good.

AKASHIC RECORDS is like a Soul Encyclopedia, of ‘your many lifetimes’.  It is also like Google, ‘keywords/intention’ are important.  The work I do, revolves around WHO you are energetically @ Soul level, your Origins, Life Lesson, Skillz & Purpose; pertinent information as to HOW you are designed to show up, self-express, live your life, in which sphere; what works/what doesn’t. (match/mismatch).
The LISTED AKASHIC SESSIONS are offered in order, as each builds upon the information gleaned within our last session, with enough time
between each, to let the dust settle, and to let you get a feel for your changed vibration; new way of BEing you.

*REQUIRED:  intake form SUBMISSION:  Name, Birth Details & permission (protocol & contract), so I can do the pre-work. 
*SCHEDULE your appointment.  (*INCLUDED in set-up process, after purchase).
BLOCK TIME in your calendar, to allow for Session & post-session wind-down; possible nap.

IF you do not want to record the zoom session, on your end, I can do that for YOU.  (requires approximately 1GB of space.)
ME  Emailed:  DropBox link; recorded session audio/video files.
YOU (ASAP) download the files (hard drive, external drive, USB, or Leaf-C storage for cell phones).
YOU  respond; email me; “Download is successful; DONE.”
ME:  I’ll delete them off the platform; safeguard your personal information.  

ME:  Emailed:  Clearing homework (5 mins/day for 21 days) pdf file.

Your Privacy and Confidentiality are very important to me.  No other shall ever be privy to our session work information, unless you tell them.
Data; your information is collected and stored offline, in an unplugged/unconnected external hard-drive, for the sole purpose of working in the Akashic Records, with highest integrity and Truth, on your behalf, for your sessions, for your highest good.  Your email is only used to contact you, regarding our Akashic Session, or upcoming Sessions.

Use a valid email address, ask me Questions/concerns.  Pri‎vilege; to seek clarification/define next steps.  Check your email daily, pre & post session.
Show up on time & allow time for our session; undisturbed by outside influences. + time post-session to relax.  Even though our session will feel
invigorating and time will appear to fly by, afterwards you may experience the desire for a deep nap.
BE ready & eager to receive information; help you be more aligned; Motivated to experiment within your Life, for tangible Results.

Information provided = energetic insights; suggestions to experiment with; tweak aspects of your own Life, so you can Self-express more fully.
Disclaimer:  My Sessions do NOT constitute MEDICAL advice.  Do not alter or stop any medical regimens you are on, nor bypass/circumvent or otherwise ignore Medical or Financial expertise.
You are Sovereign being; fully responsible for your results, through conscious choices & actions; even as you continue to experiment.
IF any issues crop up, you must take responsibility for contacting me; so that together we can find a solution, that satisfies both of us.

Copyright; the information here, & that I share with you in/post session, (whether audio/video or text) is protected under the Copyright Act; you may not share, paraphrase, nor duplicate, not on any platform/presentation nor aspect, not in part nor whole, with any other.  This information is solely, customized for you specifically, for your highest good.  You get to Create your own lovely offerings, based on WHO you are; so magnificent.  Besides, this information will not work for any other and it will mess with your own Energetic Integrity.   I can help you expand your unique offerings.  IF you feel another may benefit from their own specific version of this information, please do refer them to me.  Thank you.

Purchase of this Service, constitutes age of consent & agreement to Guidelines, terms, conditions and Refund/Cancellation policies.


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Shipping Policy


Even though, with highest integrity & Truth, insights provided are for you & your highest good, as per your Soul,

YOU still need to BE fully cognizant & responsible for your human, 3D experience, including your Mental, Emotional and Physical state.  Your choices and Action, or inaction, trumps all.  Free will.
The insights provided DO NOT...constitute FINANCIAL or  MEDICAL expertise; mental, emotional nor Physical.
In working with me, YOU DO NOT get to ABDICATE responsibility for your LIFE.
You must be aware of any physical, mental or emotional conditions
you may be experiencing, including MEDICALLY proscribed regimens, diagnosis & medications & overall effects on your condition; these should be helping you to feel better, more balanced & able to function at your desired level, for satisfaction.
The work we do & that you experience pre/in/post-session, can alter your Vibration in your mental, emotional & physical bodies; prescribed medication need/dosage required, may lessen. 
YOU are responsible for checking with your Medical Provider; tests to determine your required need /dosage, in case these need to be altered in the aftermath of our work together.  BE aware of the subtle nuance in the ways you feel, post-session; ensure you are not over-medicating, due to the change in your vibrational state.  A valid reality, post-session, keep an eye on related symptoms.  IF required, have Medical Provider Check-ins in place; accurately measure your Medical needs/requirements; Mental, Emotional or Physical.
IF you have a condition, take the responsibility to disclose & discuss these with me, if you have questions.
These sessions are provided remotely (I’m in Alberta, Canada); if required, it is also your responsibility to have real-time support in your actual vicinity; meaning, if you need to have a follow-up appointment with your MEDICAL provider, consultant or support systems.  Sound repetitive ?  for good reason, this is important.
You may indeed ‘feel’ different, post-session, as your energies & vibration settle.  Your comfort, safety & peace of mind, are paramount to us.  This is reality based; BE AWARE & cover your bases.  KNOW what to DO, in case.

Typical post-session symptoms
of this energy work made be tiredness & an inability to focus; allow yourself some time-off to rest, relax & recuperate.  Eat light meals.  Ensure you are fully hydrated.  Most people simply report a deep, deep sleep or nap.  Gentle movement, music & fresh air.  Prepping meals pre-session is recommended.  BE present in your choices & decisions, observe the results & tweak as necessary.

Although, my work is indeed for your highest good, I AM NOT a MEDICAL EXPERT.  DO NOT ignore, avoid, or circumvent MEDICAL expertise.  BE responsible for all aspects of your life, even as you may agree to participate in the work we do, with insights, exercises & directional advice, understanding that all we offer is in the guise of Experimentation, with you as both observer & actioner, in the choices you make, reflected by your current reality.  Knowing that even as you experiment, even as you observe, you always have total FREE will & conscious decision-making power in your Life.  We will guide you to experiment, a bit more of this, a little less of this, a bit more often, a bit less frequently, ALWAYS checking in with HOW you feel; WHAT is showing up.

We will always urge you to keep track of what you are doing, and how it is affecting your results, so that you may course-correct, bit by bit, in alignment with you, in a manner, so that you recognize what is going on, & thereby what you can do to affect the outcome.  THIS is Soul Assurance; freedom to Create your Life, thru tweaking your NOW.
I WILL NOT take responsibility, for YOU, your Choices, your Actions, nor your OUTCOMES.  ONLY YOU CAN DO thatBesides, it wouldn't be fair, you'd miss out on all the fun, which is why you incarnated.

IF you are prone to blaming others, things, circumstances, this work may not work for you.  Then again, I lived through a Victim decade; I also turned my life around, to be in complete control of my Life.  If you want to learn how to do this with Discipline & focused tweaking; genuinely eager to change your outcomes, reach out to me.

Can you honestly; with little to NO Judgement, look at yourself & your Life, knowing that even as this is, as you created it (even if affected with underlying choices from Lifetimes past), you also have the ability to create new choices, through new action, resulting in new outcomes. 

THIS is NOT a ‘magical transformation’, but rather a deep-seated recognition of your Truth, & hence those logical truths that accompany BEing you, with a common sense game plan, you can start implementing & actioning, as experiment, tweaking as you go, based on results.

MY expertise is sharing with you how your Soul information works for you, in real time, with real choices & actions = real evidence in your 3D surroundings.
I will take responsibility for showing up, on time, at the appointed Schedules, having cleared myself & my space; grounded, centered; ready to channel through pure streamed knowledge, on your behalf, with highest truth & integrity, for your highest good.
I will take responsibility for being available, through subsequent sessions, for you to continue practicing & refining your processes & truths, thru experimentation.  Like learning how to SKI, chances are, if you are serious, you will benefit from additional information, given at a higher level, to match your expanded awareness through the BEing of YOU, since the previous session.
My pricing reflects the work I do, pre/in/post session on your behalf.  It is priced fairly for the amount of time I prepare myself, as channel, including follow up care, to replenish myself, for my optimum performance, in Service to you.  I have also made myself available to you, through check-ins, follow ups, & next level session, all fairly priced, as in my personal requirements to support myself, with roof over my head, transportation to get food & supplies, as well as clothe myself; needs to be covered; my time validated, towards this end.  So, I have priced all my sessions, with common sense & fairness.  I present myself & my work, within these realities, for me. 
I show up for these 1:1 indepth Akashic sessions, with the highest level of energetic hygiene, using Divine  & Universal Laws, to create a container to ensure purity, truth & integrity of channelled messages grounded in a manner you can understand, centered & present, without interruption on my end, fully able to assist & support you in the receiving of this Soul information for you, for your highest good. 
There are no  refunds & no cancellations.  Once you successfully sign up, I set up a container to work with you; including setting an intention that it be for your highest good, overseeing all the work I do; pre/in/post-session.  I prepare myself, with an energetic routine to allow for an uninterrupted & focused space, within which to receive a pure stream of channelled information from your Akashic records, to be prepared & delivered to you in-session.  I carefully prepare pertinent information on unique self-care, action steps, traits, characteristics, red flags to avoid & environments that support you, including a game plan, for your optimum success.  These informations are pertinent & unique to you, delivered to work, where you find yourself NOW.

This applies to all sessions as we progress, including more indepth information on the work we will do.   For future sessions, these may include preparing for your specific requirements, pre-session experimentation homework to be submitted pre-session; the basis of the experiment-process-muscle you will start to use, as you implement your Soul knowledge, into your Life, as you continue to Create.  All sessions are uniquely customized to you, as per your Soul, for your highest good.

I bring to the table decades of Life experimentation; I honour the value of my Energetic experiences; honed, tried & true, devoid of bells & fancy whistles or glitter, even as the unique details, prone to how unique we each are will vary.  This stuff works.  Even as we are multi-Dimensional Spiritual Beings, we have chosen to be incarnated in this physical 3D reality, so it’s important that Soul Knowledge be facilitated & translated into actual, doable information that creates results down in our 3d reality.  It has to make sense. 

My work is not for entertainment purposes, this work is for you, if you want more control in your Life as it is unfolding within & around you.  This being said, even as we may transform your vibration, it may take some time for your physical human self to catch up with the transformation; what it translates into; feels & looks like to your human Self, with indicators as evidenced in your Life, right here & right now.  So we include tangible  milestones, so you can know what is actually going on, where you are in the process.  It has to make sense.  Period.
IF you have not yet done so, I urge you to book the pre-Akash session with me, during which time, we can check in with your Soul, if we are a good match to do this work together, at this time.  Plus you can ask me any questions, you may have, in order so that you may feel comfortable, ensure proper support is in place, & that you are clear on what a transformed vibration means and may look like.

IF you choose to move forward, this will be your conscious decision, knowing all the information presented, ready to take full responsibility for your Self & your Life, even as I teach you how you can tweak it, for your enjoyment, control over your experience; freedom in your life, to create.  
IF it’s a go, from both you & your Soul, then it’s a go, every bit of what I do along the way is based on full conscious disclosure & your conscious agreement to continue.

Pressure does neither of us any good, it will mis-align energy and vibration; which will waste both our time.
It is also your responsibility to check back in, as you come up against new developments.  My goal is to teach you how to recognize what is going on in your life & why, and how you can affect change; tweaking as you go, with exercises, examples, insight and direction. 
Empowering you, to Create on your own, based on what we have covered so far. 
I teach energy, the same way I taught Skiing, through detection of what is actually going, and then correction for adjustments back into alignment.  As you expand, you may come across over previously-dormant aspects, that only come into effect when you expand in that direction. Through mini-sessions, we identify what these nuances are, providing more insight & clarity, with direction moving forward yet again. 
In this way you learn and expand at your pace, as is perfect for you.
Re-scheduling will be at my discretion, so do reach out, if an issue pops up.
Likewise, if you do not see a timing that suits you, please also reach out.  Depending on the day or the week, my availability may be able to accommodate your needs.  We can discuss this.
Truth is, if you feel called to work with me, and this is indeed a good fit, we will find a way.

IF you are willing to accept full responsibility for YOU; for your choices and for your actions, for your Life, as you create it day by day, as you mold it day by day, as you refine it day by day, let us begin.

Refund Policy

ALL of my Sessions are front load heavy.  This means that by the time you Show up for our Scheduled Zoom session, I have completed 85% of the work.  The remaining 15%; our in-session time; is Uniquely customized for ONLY you.
The information prepared, delivered & channelled in session, can not be given to any other.
For this reason, there will be NO refunds.

Please read the FULL explanation; above,
"Managing your Expectations; 0 refunds/0 Cancellations; RESPONSIBILITY;
yours & mine, discretionary re-scheduling; find out WHY." 
* Reach out, with any questions or concerns, via

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

There will be NO Cancellations due to the
front-load heavy pre-session work that I do,  the inability to rebook that
space, and due to the preparation for a pure and clean streamed channel, to
access information, on your behalf, from the Akashic records, with highest
integrity and truth, for your highest good.

Please read the FULL explanation; above,
"Managing your Expectations; 0 refunds/0 Cancellations; RESPONSIBILITY;
yours & mine, discretionary re-scheduling; find out WHY." 
* Please notify me, with any questions or concerns,
via email. 

BEFORE we ever move forward on a Session, I have
protocol in place, to ensure your Soul is in agreement for the Session. 
Understanding that Life sometimes has certain
unforeseen demands, please reach out, and just let me know.
I am also smack-dab in the middle of a human experience.
Together, I am certain we can come up with a solution,
that is indeed for both of our highest goods, and
satisfactory to both of us.  Thank you for your consideration, in this.

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