The Empath's Guide to Attract Higher Paying Clients NOW

Are you tired of discovery calls? Learn the 3 step business system to attract higher paying clients, without doing free discovery calls. See your business in a whole new light in under 15 minutes.


The Empath's Guide to Attract Higher Paying Clients NOW

Our The Empath's Guide to Attract Higher Paying Clients NOW Will Help You

Go through our easy to follow workbook to help you plan your business offers in a way that makes your business more sustainable!


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The Empath's Guide to Attract Higher Paying Clients NOW

You’re a Spiritual Entrepreneur

And you don’t just hope or wish that you will make an impact on the world. You know you will. You feel it in your bones. In your intuition. You are meant to live at your fullest and help others do so as well – you know it’s in your destiny.

And you feel like you’re on the brink of a big shift in your energy. You’re ready to scale your business. Implement systems and start working more efficiently. You are ready to welcome in higher vibration customers and the abundance that will go with it. You’ve done the inner work to get there.

But something is still slowing you down. And that’s where I come in. To help you troubleshoot your systems and your limiting beliefs at the same time. To teach you business basics in a way that energetically resonates with you.

To show you the impact of truly running your business from a place of practical knowledge and spiritual wisdom. And help you achieve clarity that will change your life forever.

Simran Bhatia

Founder of

The Empath's Guide to Attract Higher Paying Clients NOW

About Your Spiritual Small Business Mentor

Simran Bhatia is the Founder and CEO of Intuition Revived, LLC the company behind a Marketplace and E-commerce business platform for spiritual-minded professionals to sell their products, services, event tickets and more. Flowation provides these professionals with business software and resources to help manage and grow their business, and a private community to get on-going support. 

A portion of the revenue from Flowation goes to fund the Healing for Little Hands program, where kids facing critical or life-threatening illnesses, and their families, are provided free healing services. 

Simran has been an entrepreneur in the publishing, e-commerce and marketing industries since 2003, and has been actively working with healers of all modalities since then. She is a former attorney who specialized in small business, succession planning and estate planning in her law practice. And an Amazon best selling author. 

Simran has a unique blend of spiritual practice and depth of business experience, so she knows what it takes to support spiritual-minded small business owners who are looking to grow their business to the next level. 

You can hear Simran’s thoughts about spirituality, business and crafting a lifestyle that encompasses both on The Soulpreneur Lifestyle Podcast hosted by Flowation or during one of her many Revenue Flow Map group coaching events available to Flowation small business owners.

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When you buy this course you support Flowation's mission:

Two percent of the Flowation Marketplace’s revenue goes to developing and funding our Healing for Little Hands program.

A community of lightworkers providing energy healing and support to, kids experiencing life-threatening and critical illnesses, and their families. And spiritual education to young children across the world.

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