Life Is A Gift: Loving You


From the back of the book:

Life Is A Gift: Loving You is a most inspired anthology. This
book is being released in perfect timing for going beyond in providing
the courage to love. Each co-author shares their inspired wisdom and
wealth of experience to guide readers to enhance and heal relationships
with others as well as within themselves. What has been described as the
“Self-Love Bible”, Life Is A Gift: Loving You reveals methods to
becoming self-aware, shares poetry and stories to reveal the truth of
life and teaches to look at life from a different perspective.
such as, “How do I go from self-loathing to self-love?”, and, “Why is
it important to love self?”, are answered by Karamjeet and her team of
co-authors to help you discover the amazing gift that loving you can
bring into your life.
Karamjeet Kaur
Kathryn Cartwright
Dr. Geri Magee
Karen Tants
Isabella Rose
Parminder Kaur Sarai
Christopher Aune
Munira Zahabi
Sundi Sturgeon
Mark Heathcote
Susan deCaussin
David Ortega B.
Preeti Khandelwal
Carisa Starr Hill
Dr. Jean Farish
Chrisa Riviello
Dr. Avanish Shukla
Dr. Chanthiran Veerasamy
Drona Dewi

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