Wild Women Rising


Transform Your Life Inside Out Without Burnout, Stress Or Overwhelm!

Are you facing a major life crisis, such as burnout, stress, death of a loved one, painful break up, health challenges, a major career, business or life change but don’t know what to do to turn things around for the better?

Do you feel trapped in a life that does not belong to you?

What if you could stop spinning your wheels, threw overwhelm out the window and moved forward in business and life with ease?

On her quest to find truth, three times bestselling author, Sandra Stachowicz, pulls down the curtain and reveals the behind-the-scenes of ten extraordinary stories of ten ordinary women and their remarkable career and entrepreneurial journeys without sugar-coating or censoring their unique voice.

In Wild Women Rising: 10 Real Stories of Women’s Resilience, Renewal And Rebirth, real women from all walks of life take us on their exceptional and sometimes, disturbing journeys, full of unquenching hope, valour, and resilience.

Wild Women Rising is the quest of 10 spirited women who beat incredible odds and summon up the courage from deep within their soul to reclaim their lives.

This book reveals real life examples of never giving up featuring small business success stories, businesswomen immigrant stories and gruelling truth tales from career-driven women next door who don’t wait for success to fall into their lap.

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