Ready to put your book out
in the world?

My editing services will make sure you make the best impression!

1 hr. call to help you edit to your soul’s message.


During our call we will:

Discuss your the piece you're writing.

What's your overall vision for this work?

Decide on the editing process.

We'll discuss how much editing you want done.

We'll keep your voice intact.

We'll discuss the 'voice' you're using throughout your writing, so I can keep help you keep the same voice and essence to your piece.

Cancellation / Return / Exchange Policy

I allow for one reschedule attempt if notified 48 hours prior to the call. 

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Kathryn Cartwright

Writing Voice Coach & Book Editor


About Your Coach

I am a 4-time Amazon Bestselling author, so I know what it feels to think about publishing your story.

I took a step out of my comfort zone to become an author in books to know what it feels like to be in your shoes. Four Amazon best selling books later, I know much better what my clients need.

So I do everything with love, through love, because of love and from love.

I have 4 children, all of us are creative and readers, and our cat likes to sit on my lap while I edit. I also enjoy unplugged vacations out far enough in the woods that the cell signal is very limited.

My Books

Who are You?

My clients all tend to have something in common: they have a story to share with others, and they want to share it all at once.

Most of the time we work together to get a clear message in place, saving those other bits for other books down the road. Sometimes, we add to a portion because it isn’t clear enough.

Every healer, who becomes an author, can have one of those or both of those. We work together to get it right for you.

Hear what my writers have to say...

"Kathryn is such a gracious person with so much heart. I had no qualms about asking her to edit my book. Kathryn enacted great care in her editing, making sure I was able to keep my identity in my writing. At the same time Kathryn provided useful insight into improvements/changes I could make while allowing for differences in language (UK versus USA). A great experience and I will be using Kathryn’s services again in the future."
Heidi Tyler
Kathryn's knowledge and perceptiveness enabled me to challenge myself during the editing process, when I thought I had no more editing stamina left. With Kathryn's guidance, I have seen the value of a second, third, and fourth editing pass.
Carla Macapinlac
"My book went from “rough” to “ready” thanks to the patience, expertise, and loving critique of Kathryn Cartwright. I know that Zazoo would be a different—and less enjoyable—adventure had I not been privileged to obtain Kathryn's unique perspective prior to finalizing and formatting the book for publication. I enthusiastically recommend her editorial services, especially to first-time authors courageously showcasing their creative dreams to the world. She will guide you toward greater confidence in your divine work, and in yourself."
Leslie Placzek

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