2 Hour “How Do We Tell the Children?” Coaching Call


In this 2 hour call, we will work together to plan this important conversation and find the best way to tell your children about your upcoming divorce AND set the stage for this next chapter in the life of your family!

12 Week /10 Call Coaching Package

In the 12 week/ 10 call coaching package, I help you shift your mindset, gather the information, and develop the skills you need so that you can reclaim the joy of parenting during this very challenging time and then make empowered decisions as you lead your family to thrive!

2 Hour Coaching Call to Set the Stage For Divorce or Separation

In this 2 hour call, we'll work together to get your family started in the best way possible as you enter the divorce or separation experience.  

You'll learn how to avoid the most common mistakes parents make during divorce that end up causing their children pain for years to come.

(You do not need to have both parents on this call.)

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