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An ad & distraction free Community to connect with other
spiritual-minded people.

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Reconnect with your Intuition

We know everyone gets a little lost on their spiritual journey at times. Awakening can be lonely at times. So we make it easy for you to search for help, and connect with other souls like you.

The 3D and the 5D

We have a vision of a world where it’s easier for people to find and work with all kinds of spiritual-minded professionals to help guide you through your every day challenges, and the process of spiritually awakening.


The healers, and spiritual-minded professionals you want to work with, or products and classes you want to buy.

Rejuvenate your Spirit

Virtually and in- person

Attend all kinds of spiritual events

There’s nothing like being surrounded by people who you feel at home with. Find events of all types, and mingle to make new friends!

Access all your Digital Downloads & Classes

We make it easy to keep track of everything you’re learning here at Flowation. Consider us your personal library of soul-satisfying information.

Get Free Coaching

Anytime you’re feeling out of alignment just ask one of our Coaches or Experts in the Community. They’re there to help you!

We're all about the kids

We want to make it easier for you to heal yourself. Because we believe those pursuing their own evolution and enlightment will help create a better world for our future generations. And at Flowation we’re all about helping today’s adults learn how to empower tomorrow’s adults.

Sign up for our community, and get exclusive coupons to use on the Flowation Marketplace too!

Two percent of all our revenue goes to developing and funding our Healing for Little Hands program. A community of healers providing energy healing and support to, kids experiencing life-threatening and critical illnesses, and their families.

We offer a refund up to 14 day after purchase on all products (in their original packaging), services or event tickets not used yet, or classes not attended. Unless otherwise stated by a store owner.



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