We want you to get into flow quickly so you can experience the benefits of being part of the Flowation community.

So we have created some quick start videos to help you navigate with ease and to help you get your store and listing completed quickly so you can share your light with the world.

We suggest you go through the Tour tabs below from left to right, for the quickest and most complete setup of your account. Or have us set-up your listings and storefront for you. Just click on the link below.

Need help setting up your listing?

No worries! Check out our handy pdf guides at the link below.

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We'll build your profile, store, and more. Just set aside 90 minutes to work with one of our team members. 

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  • Account Dashboard tour
  • Using the Community
  • Adding & Managing Listings
  • Managing Your Storefront
  • Getting Support

Listings Dashboard

Add a Listing

  • Storefront Basics
  • Selling on Your Storefront
  • Adding Products
  • Advanced Features

Homepage Reports

Additional Reports


Answering FAQ's

Customer List

View Your Orders

Issuing Refunds

View Product Reviews


Services [Video Coming Soon]

Rentals [Video Coming Soon]

Event Tickets [Coming Soon]

Add a VA or OBM

Set up Recurring Billing

Set up Appointments Services

Creating Coupons for Your Store

Let us set up your listing for you!