The “Avoidance” Mask

Did you know that avoidance is a strategy for dealing with anxiety or worry? Have you ever noticed that you go into avoidance mode whenever you feel anxious or worried? According to Brene Brown’s newest book “Atlas of the Heart,” avoidance is not benign. It can hurt us, hurt other people, and lead to increased and mounting anxiety.  If this all sounds too familiar to you then you will want to listen to this episode. If you want to have more courage and confront the things that you are worrying about, then try removing the “avoidance mask.”

“It is not fear that stops you from doing the brave and true thing in your daily life. Rather, the problem is avoidance. You want to feel comfortable, so you avoid doing or saying the thing that will evoke fear and other difficult emotions. Avoidance will make you feel less vulnerable in the short run, but it will never make you less afraid.” ~ Dr. Harriet Lerner

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Episode 125

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