The Golden Child Mask

Are you an overachiever, a perfectionist, or a people pleaser? If so, it is very probable that you were a “golden child” when you were young. As the quote states, a golden child tries to please and satisfy at least one parent and usually it is a narcissistic parent. The golden child feels responsible for their parents’ happiness.  This golden child is often well behaved and fits perfectly into the saying of “be seen and not heard.” It is a tremendous burden for the golden child because he/she has to be so perfect and has the responsibility to make everyone happy. This mask becomes a part of the golden child’s identity and if this part is not healed, wearing this mask can become detrimental to the well being of that person.

“These children don’t just want to satisfy their parents- they feel obligated and responsible for doing so. It becomes a significant part of their identity” ~Alexander Burgemeester

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