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  3. Submit your episode by filling out the form below. It can be an episode from an already existing podcast we can syndicate. 

You’ll receive a response from our podcast management team, within 5 business days, letting you know if your episode has been accepted or rejected. 

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If your episode is rejected, they’ll provide suggestions to make it a better fit for our audience and intentions. 

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Podcast Submission Process

At The Soulpreneur Lifestyle Podcast, we strive to ensure all content we release or support in any way is aligned with our mission and values.  Please ensure that your submission meets all of the requirements listed below before filling in our submission form at the bottom of the page.


Topics we accept:

The topic should be relevant to creating flow, exploring spirituality in entrepreneurship, or spirituality topics that come up as one is crafting a lifestyle/business that is primarily guided by spiritual principles.

Topics we do NOT accept:

No content containing irrelevant subject matter. Or any tone of racism, sexism, heterosexism, transphobio, homophobia, xenophobia, or any other form of discrimination. No topics that incite violence or hatred will be considered for sharing.


  • All submissions should be from existing podcasts that can be syndicated.
  • Recorded audio should be clear, concise, and edited to remove any background noise or inconsistencies.
  • Audio recordings should be at least 20mins long and no longer than 45mins. 
  • Your intro/outro should already be included in the audio file


  • All graphics must be submitted as high-resolution jpeg files.
  • All submissions must include a headshot of the podcast host, the main graphic for your podcast, and one promo graphic specific for the episode you are submitting.


  • You will receive confirmation of acceptance or notification of decline within five working days of your submission.
  • Any submissions which do not meet all requirements will automatically be declined and you will receive an email notifying you that this is the case. You are welcome to resubmit your episode upon correction of any submission errors. 
  • If your submission is rejected because it does not align with the voice and messaging of TSLP you will receive an email response notifying you that this is the case. You are welcome to submit future episodes which are in alignment with TSLP messaging to be considered for sharing with our audience. 

If you have everything we need and your episode aligns with TSLP then click here to submit your entry.